Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some progress

The biggest challenge I have had with really getting stuck into the creek is time.  My gardening business is just full on and to add some more pressure, the weather has been a bit grim.  The days I have allocated for the clearing have been the wettest.  Being a creek at the base of the hills, there has been just a bit more water flowing through the work zone than I feel comfortable with, despite my heavy duty gumboots, which are a godsend.  Steel cap gummies just add another layer of invincibility to stomping around very unstable ground.

The other aspect of this task which is making the world of difference is having top class equipment.  It makes the job so much easier, but even better, much safer too.  Chainsawing a lot of these trees is not easy with the super softness of the banks.  I will be using a lot of the logs to shore up these steep slopes to reduce any future erosion, and provide a secure spot for the new native plantings.

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